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July 14, 2024

Fire TV Secrets

Maximize Your Device's Potential

How To Install Kodi Builds From The Crew Repository

Now that you have installed the Kodi app on your device, it’s time for you to customize and decide which add-ons you would like to install. You may choose to install add-ons individually or select a “Build” like those you’ll find in The Crew Kodi Repository. These builds have pre-installed add-ons already set up in a user-friendly menu. 

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* Note On Installing Kodi & Other Third-Party Applications

The Kodi application is not available in the Amazon Apps Store. Therefore, the only way to install Kodi on your device is to “sideload” the application directly from their website. Sideloading Kodi & other third-party applications will require you to change a few of your device’s settings. If you want instructions on how to sideload applications then Click Here.

The Crew Kodi Repository

In the following demonstration, I’m going to show you how to install Kodi Builds from one of my favorite 3rd-party add-ons called The Crew Repository.

*Remember to turn on your VPN before using Kodi. Click Here if you need more info or if you need help setting up your VPN

Open the Kodi App and then scroll up and Select the Gear Icon

slamious kodi build Open Kodi PNG

Select System

slamious kodi build Select System PNG

Scroll Down and Highlight Add-ons. Then Scroll over and Toggle On The Switch For Unknown Sources

Click Yes when you see this warning message popup. Then Press The Back Button On Your Remote to return to the previous screen

Next Select File Manager

slamious kodi build Select File Manager PNG

Select Add Source

slamious kodi build Add Source PNG

Highlight and then Select None

When the virtual keyboard appears Type In The Following URL: https://team-crew.github.io

the crew kodi

*Double-check to verify that you have the web address entered correctly. It will not work if it’s not entered exactly as shown on the slide below.

If so, then Select OK

the crew kodi

Scroll down then click in the area where you enter a name for the media source.

When the virtual keyboard appears Type A Name For Your Source and then Select OK

the crew kodi name source

Click OK again

the crew kodi

If everything is entered correctly, you will be directed back to the File Manager screen. Then you should see the name of the source that you just added listed here.

the crew kodi file manager

Press The Back Button On Your Remote to return to the “System” screen. Then Select Add-ons.

slamious kodi build Select Addons PNG

Select “Install From Zip File

Click “Yes” if you see this warning message popup

Scroll through the list and Select The Source that you just added and renamed in the previous step

the crew kodi

Select the appropriate Repo Zip from the list

the crew kodi zip file

When you select the zip file you will be redirected back to this screen. Look for the Add-on Installed Notification in the upper right corner of the screen. After you receive the notification you can proceed to the next step.

the crew kodi add-on notification

Click Install From Repository

slamious kodi build Select Install From Repository PNG

Click The Crew Repo

the crew kodi repo

Select Program Add-on’

Click The Crew Wizard

the crew kodi wizard

Scroll down to the bottom right corner of the screen and Select Install

the crew kodi install wizard

Look for The Crew Wizard Add-on Installed notification

the crew kodi wizard notification

Read and Dismiss the popup message

the crew kodi message

Select Continue

the crew kodi build entry

Click Build Menu

the crew kodi

Chose Build from the list

the crew kodi select a build

After you select a build, Scroll down and Select Standard Install. (*Note – If you are replacing existing add-ons or an existing build, then I recommend you select Fresh Install to erase old content before installing the new build.)

the crew kodi install build

Select “Yes, Install” to confirm that you want to install the build

the crew kodi confirm install

Wait for Build to Download and Install

the crew kodi download img

After the build finishes installing it should Automatically Force Close and kick you out of Kodi. If not, close Kodi and then reopen the app again.

* Reminder to turn on your VPN before using Kodi. Click Here if you need more info or if you need help setting up your VPN

After you have connected your VPN it is safe to Open the Kodi App and enjoy

Whenever you Reopen the Kodi App for the first time after installing a build, I recommend that you wait at least 5 minutes and give all of the add-ons a chance to update. It’s not uncommon for the app to freeze during this initial update process. So if you believe that the app is stuck, just restart Kodi and then let it finish all the updates.

the crew kodi update

You’ll know it’s done updating when the notifications stop popping up on the screen and when you see the widgets appear.

the crew kodi

That’s it! Grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy your Kodi build from The Crew!

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